What to do the day before

On this page you will find some helpful tips on what to do the day before the big concert so you don't forget anything. Here is a checklist of some things that you may want to do the day before.

Print Tickets
Know Where You're Going
Plan Driving Route
Pack Your Bag
Charge Portable Battery

Now why should we do this the day before? It makes the next day easier, and less stressful if your going to a festival

I say print your tickets the day prior so you're not freaking out about the printer not working. Then its nice to know where you're going, what's the area like and how you should get there. Then if you have time you can pack your bag with the things you won't need until the concert and charge your battery.

If you want to know what to bring and what to leave at home. Click this link.

What to take and what NOT to take.

Here are some links for some more info about concerts

What happens at concets.
Tips on buying merch.
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