What to bring, and what NOT to bring.

What to take What to leave at home
Cell Phone DSLR Camera
Money Food
Battery Selfie Stick
Tickets Alcohol

So here's a general list of what to take and what to leave at home. The venue which the concert is being held may have more prohibited items so always look at the guidelines for the show. Festivals are a little different when it comes to what you can bring. You're allowed to take an empty water bottle which you can fill up there, and sometimes coolers if it's a several day event.

Something to keep in mind when packing your concert bag. Some places don't allow backpacks, bags over a certain size, or any bag in general. For the places that allow bags, get a clear one from amazon. I recommend this one

Clear Backpack

Now click this to see what diffent concerts are like and what to expect.

What happens at concets

Here are some links for some more info about concerts

what to do the day before
Tips on buying merch.
Pictures I've taken at cocerts.

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